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Trading Company “Polssaj” sp. j.

The company was founded in 1992 by four Polish entrepreneurs who were previously doing business in the private sector. This included retail and wholesale of various products.

Observing high demand and future potential of the market related to the interests of the company founders (particularly everything connected to beer-making industry) brought them to a decision of starting a business – trade of ingredients for beer production. This decision was implemented by founding a company “Polssaj”, which core activity from the beginning was international trade of barley and barley malt.

Later “Polssaj” started cooperation with the world’s leaders in the branch of malt production and grain trade: Soufflet (France, Czech Republic, Slovakia), Malteurop (France, Germany), DMG (Denmark), CERECOM (Germany). Those companies honored us with their trust and acknowledged “Polssaj” as their representative on the Polish market.

Our primary clients were the largest breweries in Poland: Żywiec, Tychy, Okocim as well as some other middle-sized and small breweries.

The business required a perfect orientation in trade on the domestic and international markets. Those were the days when the advantages of the united Europe were not taken into account. Nevertheless the skills and experience the company has gained are playing an important role at present times of the European Union.

The company’s import and export activities required instant adaptation to changing customers’ demands and fast growing market.

Nowadays the company operates on a vast international market including Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, France, Great Britain, Denmark, Russia and Ukraine. It allows “Polssaj” to establish direct contacts and set cooperation with business partners from those countries. The experience in international business relations on the market of beer-making products helped the company to develop skills that are essential for international trade (export and import activity).

In a short period of time “Polssaj” started sales in related branches: grain and its products, hop, sugar beet molasses; later also trade of industrial products and equipment (flexographic printing machines, steel and aluminum sheets and sections). Another activity of the company is selling industrial and agricultural equipment. In this branch we are able to meet any customer’s demand swiftly.

We can say, that “Polssaj” Trading Company is ready to deal with any kind of sales transactions, within Poland and beyond its borders.

“Polssaj” is a reliable trading partner, whose services have been tested and appreciated by domestic and international contractors.

We are able to do business with our customers in the following languages: English, Czech, Slovak, French, Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian.

We are sincerely offering our service.

“Polssaj” owners.